Riverplace Counseling Centers

Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs

The mission of Riverplace is to provide high quality chemical dependency care in the least costly, least restrictive manner possible, consistent with individual need.

Riverplace is a family-owned and operated facility that has been around for over 33 years. Our Men’s and Women’s chemical dependency treatment programs are recognized in Minnesota and elsewhere as a much needed innovation in providing highly structured, non-institutional, cost-effective care. As a result, Riverplace is a leading provider of adult CD treatment. Savings to counties, HMO’s managed care providers, companies, insurance and many other organizations has mounted to millions of dollars.

Cost effectiveness has been only one consideration. The real outcome, however, is how individuals respond when presented the freedom and dignity to make responsible choices about their living and recovery in the more “real world” Riverplace settings.

The Men’s Riverplace programs are offered complete with many related components such as transportation, provision for aftercare back in any community, and several other services for each person who has an opportunity to join us at Riverplace.

Thank you for considering Riverplace as a viable option. To learn more contact us at 800-591-1811.

Client Testimonials:

Thank you so much for everything your staff did for me, I will miss Riverplace and the staff. – Ray

I am very thankful for Riverplace and all the people who work at the facility. – Tracy

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and would recommend this program to anyone, the staff are second to none. Thank you for the help and all the support. -Brian

You saved my life, Thank You!!! – Anonymous

Riverplace is a great program. It is a good balance, each client’s situation is taken into consideration. – Anonymous

I would highly recommend this treatment facility to anyone. – Pam

It was a pleasure to be in the company of all the staff members. They are all very professional and keep the keys to the gears turning. My hats off to all. – Anonymous

I have been thru several treatment facilities, This is the first time I felt comfortable with my counselor and the staff. Thanks!!! – Anonymous