Chemical Dependency Care

At Riverplace Counseling Centers, various levels of chemical dependency care and referral are available. With facilities in Anoka, (men’s campus) and Elk River (women’s campus), the two levels of primary care at Riverplace include regular outpatient and “Intensive & Extended” care.

Outpatient Care
Regular outpatient care is three hours, four mornings or evenings each week, for five weeks representing a total of sixty hours of primary care. For information regarding  regular outpatient, please contact us.

“Intensive & Extended” Care
This is a highly structured treatment experience specifically designed for a client to achieve maximum awareness of the role of chemicals in key areas (dimensions) of their lives and the lives of others.  This program runs 28 days, for a total of 130 hours and includes an intensive concentration of assessment (problem identification) and flexible levels of primary chemical dependency care.

We also offer a Head Start Program, which is ideal for individuals in need of a concentrated, intensive Chemical Dependency treatment experience in a reduced period of time.

Head Start Program
A 2 week program, with a minimum 100 hours of primary care, including weekends.  This intensive program is designed to require less time away from work and home.

Regardless of what program you choose, you will be offered a chance to start a path to recovery that can become an exciting and rewarding experience for you and your loved ones.  Consistent with the 27-year Riverplace philosophy  “The mission of Riverplace  is to provide highly  structured chemical dependency care in the least costly, least restrictive, non-institutional manner possible, consistent with the individualized needs of persons we have an opportunity to serve”, flexibility based on individual need is paramount. Therefore, any description of treatment regimens with days and hours of care is subject to change based on the Riverplace eight dimension “Individualized Plan for Recovering” – “IFP”.

Our programs can only provide a first step or foothold for change. We strongly subscribe to the principles of AA. We believe that your choice to attend the support group that meets your needs after completing your program here will help make your future satisfaction in life possible.

Our Client’s will also have the option to experience the Lakeplace Retreat Center,  please clink the following link to check our Lakeplace Center.