Additional Services

Riverplace offers (at no additional cost) many additional services as a part of our Chemical Dependency Care programs.

We make getting to our centers easy! Riverplace maintains several vans and has drivers available to transport individuals either same day or next day from any Minnesota location.

Transportation will be provided for Riverplace activities including:

  • For shopping
  • For appointments
  • To outside AA, NA or CA meetings
  • For recreation & activities

Continuum of Care
Continuum of care can be an important link between what individuals have learned at Riverplace and the real world of recovering. These aftercare services may include:

  • Relapse Triggers
  • Group Therapy

Related Counseling
Riverplace also addresses psychological, financial, legal, spiritual and vocational or career needs of individuals who we have an opportunity to serve.

At Riverplace, individuals have the freedom to plan with others and prepare their own meals. We believe that responsibility and recovery do go hand-in-hand; therefore, being responsible for living, including meal preparation is consistent with this philosophy.

Recreation & Activities (sober fun)
Having sober fun is a healthy offset to the intensity of the chemical dependency care program and is another factor in developing a sense of fellowship and balance. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of available activities.